25th Anniversary Year - 1995 to 2020

The Academy is open tonight (19/3) as normal (non contact).  As it stands the Epiphany school is staying open for children whose parents are key workers and we are hoping we can continue to use the hall.

If we are unable to use the hall we are planning to hold open air classes in the mornings for the children (Tuesdays & Thursdays) at Muscliffe Park, and in the early evenings for the Adults.  Cadets can choose to take part in either or both.  Training outdoors is wonderful and in the current situation I can only see that it would be very beneficial not only on a physical level but mentally and spiritually as well.

In a worse case scenario, where the country is in total lockdown and public gatherings are forbidden then we will switch to putting classes online.  We will do our utmost to keep you posted during this challenging time.

Thank you all for your continued support and remember to stay positive.

Sensei Gary