25th Anniversary Year - 1995 to 2020

Dear Students & Parents,

At Muscliffe Karate Academy, the health and wellbeing of our students, families and our staff is always our utmost priority and especially at the particular time.  We are keeping a close eye on the latest public health guidelines regarding the management of COVID-19 known as the Coronavirus.  Please can we ask that you do not come into the dojo if you are feeling unwell and have any of the symptoms of Coronavirus.  If you have travelled abroad recently please check the governments advice on protocol for returning travellers.  For any information on the symptoms please visit the Governments’ website .  We have introduced regular hygiene processes that are designed to stop the spread of germs and prevent the transmission of infectious illnesses.  The school has been thoroughly disinfecting and cleaning down surfaces in “high traffic” areas (in addition to the regular cleaning already carried out).  Students and Instructors will be encouraged to thoroughly clean their hands before and after each class.  Hand sanitiser gel will be available but may have to be rationed given the ongoing supply issues.

We will minimise hand to hand contact between everyone in the dojo by concentrating on practicing basic techniques, kata and other non partner drills.  We will also put an extra emphasis on showing exercises which help strengthen the respiratory system. Thank you for your understanding at the uncertain time.

With best wishes

Sensei Gary, Mrs Excell and the Instructor team.