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Bournemouth Children’s Karate

In today’s world parents need extra help reinforcing respect, courtesy and self-discipline.  These are part of everyday lessons at our school.  Our Martial Arts classes teach much more than kicking and punching.  We teach life skills.  Benefits include:- Higher Self Esteem, Improved concentration, confidence, Stranger Awareness and improved school results. We hold Junior classes at all three locations: The Littledown Centre, The Epiphany School and The Verwood Hub.

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Adult Karate Programmes in Bournemouth

Our Adult programme will improve your Self-Confidence and give you heightened awareness.  Your concentration will improve and you will learn how to defend yourself.  This programme can even help with weight control, so you don’t have to be in shape to start, we will gradually build your fitness and ability. The Adult training programme takes place at The Epiphany School.

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Muscliffe Karate Academy has really helped my son.  Being dyslexic it has helped boost his confidence, hand eye co-ordination and is a great form of exercise.  The Academy is run very professionally and the Instructors are very helpful. M.N

Since my daughter started Karate 12 months ago her fitness levels have improved. Her confidence and schoolwork have excelled. She enjoys it immensely. Previously my daughter needed to learn things quickly or she gave in, now she has learnt that if you put in the hard work you will get the rewards. T.S

Since my son entered Muscliffe Karate Academy the change in his confidence, concentration and consideration to his parents, family and friends has been very positive. His health has had a marked improvement as he is an asthma sufferer and has now shaken off much of his breathing problems and chest infections. He is generally a much, much happier boy in all that he tries to do. He is now not frightened to try things that he would have shied away from. The Academy has improved his whole lifestyle for the better. M.J

As a mid thirties business man exercise was not top of my priority list but I had considered Karate for my son’s benefit. I initially joined Muscliffe Karate Academy with my son to support him in his new venture. Four years on and rapidly approaching forty, I am surprised and excited to be preparing for my Black Belt grading later this year. Karate has become a major part and has benefited my life in many areas; physically I have lost weight, become stronger, I am fitter, more flexible and mentally I am more focused, confident and feel in control of all situations, I am a much calmer person in myself and when dealing with others, and most importantly to me I have found Karate to be the chief stress relief to my very demanding job. Goju Ryu Karate and its ideals have improved many parts of my life and I would recommend it to anyone of any age or ability. Andy Maxfield