-[OLD] Sensei Nicola Ribton

sensei-nicola-ribton4th Dan Instructor – Muscliffe Karate Academy

Date Started training:- January 2000
Dan grades received:-
1st Dan – December 2003
2nd Dan – June 2006
3rd Dan – June 2009
4th Dan – November 2015

Brief summary of training:-
I began Karate when I was 14 joining the junior class and have trained twice a week with Sensei Gary. I took part in several tournaments, some local and one in Oxford which helped to boost my self-esteem and confidence.

I have attended many courses which has given me the opportunity to train with instructors from around the world, including the Chief Instructor of the IOGKF, Higoanna Sensei. In July 2007 I attended the European Gasshuku where many Chief Instructors were present.

Karate has benefited me in many ways. It has taught me discipline and motivation and to be focused. Karate is also excellent for fitness.

I enjoy Karate immensely and am now working towards my 5th Dan.