-[OLD] Sensei Richard Cowley

sensei-richard-cowley4th Dan Instructor – Muscliffe Karate Academy

Date Started training:- 11/9/97
Dan grades received:-
1st Dan- Dec 2001
2nd Dan- Dec 2003
3rd Dan- Dec 2006
4th Dan -Sept 2010

Brief summary of training:-
My first interest in sport was rugby. I had 14 seasons playing for Bournemouth 1st XV. A chance meeting with Sensei Gary at work led me to start a beginner’s class in September 1997. Sensei Gary sold the concept of Karate to me by saying that is one of the few sports you get better at as you get older, which was not the case for my rugby!

Injury forced me to quit rugby, so I decided to concentrate on Karate as it had a lot to offer me. The discipline of rugby training 3 or 4 times a week was easily transferred to karate and the regular lessons has no doubt helped me achieve what I have so far.

I can now look forward to many more years training and enjoyment.